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The most robust, flexible and affordable ‘suite’ of software  designed for creating employee schedules, generating management reports, and automating employee evaluations.


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Pricing options allow you to fit the purchase appropriately into your budgeting process. Purchase the entire 'suite' of software with standard up front licensure or a one time setup fee as low as $600 followed by low monthly fee per active employee. In addition, you can optionally purchase those modules that best meet your needs.

"Dynamic Staff Scheduling" software designed for the healthcare industry that will meet ANY schedule creation needs including:

The schedule creation processes in healthcare is by far the most costly area where improvements can be made.  Suite Scheduler employee scheduling software is truly sweet scheduling and will help you to optimize your staff utilization, reduce your labor costs and increase your staffing effectiveness; while reducing the time spent on the schedule creation and management processes by up to 90%.  This software is proven to return valuable time to other important tasks and give your facility a return on investment within months of use.

This employee scheduling software is developed using smart design to ensure ease of use while maximizing functionality.  Our customized training plans ensure that the software gets the results you expect.  Suite Scheduler software is packaged as modules that will allow you to select only the appropriate features to meet your needs. 

Contact us toll free at (888)833-3229 to learn more about how you can get immediate results for you and your facility.






Suite Scheduler staff scheduling software will:

  • Decrease the time spent on staff scheduling by up to 90%
  • Increase employee satisfaction by supporting schedule preference rules
  • Ensure you have the appropriate staff mix by location, shift, role or need
  • Support master schedules
  • Provide schedules specifically designed for Nurse Scheduling
  • Generate management reports to support staffing decisions based on data
  • Create flexible and yet accurate schedules
  • Self Scheduling using prefrence scheduling - employees enter preferred schedule
  • The Manager easily creates an accurate schedule using employees preferred schedule
  • Allow employees to submit requests on-line for manager approval
  • Post shift openings for employee sign up online
  • Summarize and track employee information (e.g. request logs, sick time etc.)
  • Alert you automatically to any conflict with an employee's schedule preference
  • Support any shift combination (e.g 8, 10 or 12 hour shifts)
  • Allows you to adjust staffing based on day of week, time of day or census changes
  • Assist you in choosing the right person for a schedule opening
  • Reduce unnecessary use of overtime or agency staff
  • Eliminate under or overstaffing situations
  • Support the creation of department specific schedules with house-wide staff coordination
  • Automatically create daily assignment sheets directly from the schedule
  • Supports flexible schedule printouts
  • Workforce Management software that will track key employment events (e.g. hire date, job class change, comments, etc)
  • Track all certifications, qualifications and licensure
  • Provides online Performance Evaluations

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